Our Approach

Megan L. Davidson, Andrew S. Lam,  Dale S. Lam, Abe J. Shearer, Jillian G. Wise

Client Focused

Strategent Financial serves a select group of clients, primarily high net worth individuals and families, businesses, 401(k)’s, and non-profit organizations. Our clients receive tailored solutions specific to their unique situations. We recognize that being accessible is important to our clients, so we limit our practice to a select number of clients that we can serve very well.

Wealth Management

We believe that financial success is dependent upon having a comprehensive strategy which begins with a solid investment plan. Client strategies are specific to their own unique situation and incorporate tax efficiency, tax minimization, short and long term planning and projections, risk management, insurance needs, family and estate planning, and consideration to charitable gifting desires. Our responsibility is to coordinate those needs for our clients, delivering the services they need in a personable manner, while working closely alongside their outside legal counsel and tax accountants.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy targets long term investment success, not short term market speculation. The word “Strategent” was derived from “Strategy” and “Intelligent”. We seek to develop an appropriate strategy for each client that uses the intelligent application of tax efficient institutional investments. We believe the rewards of long term investors are associated with the risks they take, and our goal is to assist our clients in choosing the appropriate strategy based upon their financial and emotional ability to tolerate risk.

Independent & Fee-Only

Strategent Financial is an independent registered investment advisory firm. We provide access to a broad range of investment solutions and are not tied to any one brokerage or investment firm. We provide our services in a fee only manner, avoiding commissions and the inherent conflict of interest that they create. All fees are clearly stated and we are held to the highest legal fiduciary standard in servicing our clients.