Many Minds, One Purpose

Strategent Financial is a founding member of the FourSIGHT Alliance, a network of fee-only, client-centric advisors who bring additional expertise and an unbiased perspective to ensure their clients are getting the most from their wealth management strategies.


Nearly every Monday morning since 2009, the principals of Strategent Financial, AMDG Financial and Aura Wealth Advisors have started their week with a conference call. The colleagues often share news about their families or highlights of their weekend activities, but all say the calls provide them with something much more valuable: insights to help clients get the most from their financial strategies.

“When the three of us first met at a conference years ago, we realized the power of being able to share our investment philosophies, experiences and our individual expertise to help each other improve the quality of advice we provide to clients,” said Wayne Titus, CPA, PFS, AIFA® of AMDG Financial in Plymouth, MI.

The weekly calls became an invaluable resource for the three principals to share ideas and ask questions of other like-minded professionals with extensive financial backgrounds. All three of the principals have extensive experience in finance, with backgrounds grounded in their shared experiences as Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) in their respective states.

FourSIGHT Alliance:

With their weekly collaboration enduring for over 6 years, the colleagues decided to more formally recognize their relationship through the founding of the FourSIGHT Alliance in 2015.

“The four guiding principles we share in each of our practices are leadership, integrity, stewardship, and trust,” said Bert Doerhoff, CPA, of Aura Wealth Management. “When we decided to formalize the relationship of our group, those guiding principles eventually led to the FourSIGHT Alliance name,” he added.

Alliance members act as an investment sounding board and intellectual resource for each other, pooling their diverse experiences, high-level credentials, and unique skill sets to benefit each firm’s clients.

“The FourSIGHT Alliance represents members who are committed to excellence above and beyond legal, regulatory and professional standard-setting requirements. The Alliance symbolizes trust – not only among its members, but also between members and their clients,” said Dale Lam, CPA, PFS, CFP® of Strategent Financial.

Lam and the other alliance members also cite contingency and succession planning as potential benefits for their firms and clients.

FourSIGHT Alliance Founding Members

  • Strategent Financial, Harrisonburg, VA
  • AMDG Financial, Plymouth, MI
  • Aura Wealth Advisors, Jefferson City, MO


The FourSIGHT Alliance is not a registered investment advisory firm and does not provide investment advice. Shared investment information between Alliance members relates to general economic and investment principles. Specific investment recommendations are not determined or generated by the Alliance.